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Description: 1/8" mitre chisel blade by T.H. Witherby no handle
Item type: chisel blade

Description: Commemorative Medals. Attached to each is a bar pin with a blue and gold ribbon. Additionally there is the lettering "Carpenters' Company 1724" and a gold medal which has the raised images of 4 compasses and lettering which says "Carpenters' Company…
Author: Made at The Whitebar and Hoag Company.
Item type: commemorative medals

Description: The contribution cards date from 1889-1904. The accession numbers are placed on lower left hand corner of the card for 1903.
Date: 1889-1904
Item type: contribution cards

Description: Bulaw #313: c. 1872 cast iron, oval 12"x9-1/2 " raised "U F" old model steam fire engine in high relief. wheels have eight spokes. Bevel edge. Policy number 4002 was issued on December 7, 1872 and covered brick store and dwelling located at 610 south…
Item type: firemark

Description: 2-foot rule early 20th century found during kitchen renovations in 1990s wooden rule with brass ends
Item type: 2-foot rule

Date: 1905-04-07 2 to 12 1992

Date: 1923-24 2 to 12 1992

Date: 1923-24 2 to 12 1992

Description: 20th century U-shaped drill handle; no drill or screw bits with handle
Item type: 20th century drill handle

Description: American 24" rule; notation attached to rule which says, "1891 used by Samuel Betts" (removed 9-19-87). calibration numbers and letters are hand-stamped. Brass tips, missing one pin.
Item type: American 24" rule
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